Kun-Pan Ling - The Land of Compassion Buddhist Centre

We are now arranging events in Macclesfield and Whaley Bridge as at the moment we do not have a permanent centre.

Please see our Programme page for details.

Kun-Pan Ling exists to make available the teachings and practices of Buddhism, and especially the rich tradition that developed in Tibet, in a non-doctrinaire and non-dogmatic manner that encourages inquiry and openness. The centre is of a non-sectarian (rime) orientation.

We seek to present the teachings in a way that takes account of the conditions of contemporary culture and the western psyche, and of current issues and concerns, while respecting the integrity and value of the tradition. We aim to create conditions in which individuals and society can enjoy peace, freedom from fear, happiness, well-being, and the opportunity for spiritual growth according to methods that are well-established and tested.

We extend a warm welcome to all who are interested in promoting peace, understanding, good health, well-being, happiness and wisdom, and who wish to meet with others who share those values.

We are most fortunate to be inheritors of the rich, diverse, and evolving traditions of Buddhism with over 2,500 years of accumulated wisdom and investigation into the human mind and the methods for removing dissatisfaction and suffering in life, and we wish to make these accessible to all people of good will and ensure their continuation for future generations.

We hope there is something in our programmes that will interest you and be of benefit, and that you may also feel you have something to contribute to a growing community from whom you can also gain valuable support. With warm good wishes for your health and happiness,

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